The final REMIX mining conference will be organised in Wrocław, Poland on May 15, 2019. The meeting will be held in English and Polish and a two-way translation will be provided. You may register HERE

The International Mining Conference in Poland will conclude the experiences of the first stage of the REMIX project and disseminate outputs and results among REMIX consortium and audience. REMIX partners and stakeholders will gather together to reflect on the REMIX learning cycle, best practices and findings.  

The event is open to everyone interested in mining and raw materials in a broad sense, including representatives of local, regional and professional administration, institutions responsible for regional development, representatives of universities and research institutions as well as mining and processing enterprises. Among the speakers and panelists are representatives of the European Commission, regional administration, mining organizations and enterprises, academic circles, business practitioners and project partners, representing both regional authorities and universities involved in the development of mining and the raw materials industry in Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal and the United Kingdom.  

The conference will be divided into three main blocks during which the project partners and audience will discuss the challenges faced by raw materials sector in Europe, be inspired by smart and green innovations presented by successful business practitioners and debate on currently observed development trends and possible scenarios for the future of the European raw materials industry.  

In the first session the EU representatives will present EU Commission’s view on possibilities related to European Mineral Strategy and other speakers will present from various perspectives the challenges faced by the raw materials industry in Europe.  

The second session will concentrate on practical examples of smart and green solutions for the mining sector. Business practitioners will demonstrate the strategic role of innovations in big mining companies and SMEs, the possibilities of unlocking Europeans hidden resources through collaborative European research and the innovative geospatial solutions for opencast mining operations.  

The conference will be concluded by a presentation of the REMIX project’s accomplishments and the future of the European mining and raw materials sector. 

View the brief agenda of the conference