"Spaces beyond our cities: health for humans, wealth for nature" is the topic for our final dissemination event, taking place in Brussels and online on 14th June 2023. It will conclude three years of interregional exchange, learning, and co-creation. You will be seeing movies of our actions – how they were designed and implemented – and get the chance to discuss with our partners about their good practices, challenges, and solutions on policy improvements to protect peri-urban open spaces.
For our final event, we are both: going to Brussels, where our partner VLM will welcome face-to-face participants and staying on the computer to make sure to keep the most important bits online for you!

Draft event programme:

Morning, 9.30 – 12.00
•    Opening speech & introduction of the INTERREG Europe-project RENATUR
•    Presentation on the state of play of INTERREG Europe
•    Keynote speech by Prof. Patrick Willems, Urban and River Hydrology and Hydraulics, KU Leuven
•    First interactive podium discussion with our partner regions: Flanders, Belgium; Saxony-Anhalt,              Germany; and Hajdú-Bihar, Hungary
•    Second interactive podium discussion with our partner regions: Basque Country, Spain; Gorenjska,        Slovenia; Mazovia, Poland.

12:00-13.00 Lunch break with exhibition

Afternoon, 13.00 – 14.30
•    Keynote speech by Vincent O'Connell, Secretary General of the PURPLE Network, www.purple-eu.org)
•    Networking café to discuss future projects with potential partners
•    Wrap up and closing of the event

We look forward to seeing you -  please register here!