The aim of RENATUR is to draw attention to the importance of peri-urban open spaces and their natural heritage in order to preserve it. An interregional workshop for Saxony-Anhalt, organized by Ministry for Regional Development and Transport of Saxony-Anhalt, was held on the 20.01.2021 online, to address the following challenges:
a) identification of suitable policy instruments and policy approaches, (e.g. planning instruments) to promote the revitalisation of inner-city brownfields to protect peri-urban open space; and
b) identification of strategies and approaches to establish a brownfield monitoring system at the federal state level. The monitoring system should serve to inform municipalities, potential investors and other potential users about the opportunities and obstacles of development of brownfields, such as availabilities, contamination levels, etc.  
You can find more information about the workshop here
Results and materials from the workshop will soon be available here.