The aim of RENATUR is to draw attention to the importance of peri-urban open spaces and their natural heritage in order to preserve it. An interregional workshop for Hajdú-Bihar County was held on 27th of April 2021 online, to address Hajdú-Bihar County‘s regional development programme for years 2021 – 2027.
The specific challenges tackled during the workshop are the identification of:     
a) suitable national/regional/local policy approaches, planning instruments, practical solutions to map ecosystem services (ES) related to a selected area, e.g. a municipality, with special focus on peri-urban open spaces;
b) methods and approaches to translate the role and significance of ES to local decision makers (e.g. mayors, assembly members, etc.) and citizens/local communities;
c) practices, guidance on the development of municipal green infrastructure concept to provide an easily applicable supporting document to decision makers for municipal planning.

You can find more information about the workshop here.
Results and materials from the workshop are available here.