#replaceteam looks forward to welcoming you to the Final Conference

Draft Agenda

  • opening of the Final Conference by Lazio Region at 10:00
  • overview of REPLACE and its results by VELTHA 
  • Interreg Europe: state of the play of the Programme and the new Programming period by Diane Bulon Interreg Europe
  • Getting to know REPLACE regions
  • Presentation of Action Plans by REPLACE regions: results at territorial levels
  • New cooperation opportunities in targeted sectors, Deremeco project by prof. Colledani and Diani Politecnico di Milano
  • Digital tool to support regional policy making to facilitate circular economy. DigiPrime Pilot 5
  • CBT: Circular Benchmark Tool

In-person event, venue: Rome (Italy)-WEGIL Largo Ascianghi 5, 00153 Roma

registration link forms.gle/2sFWTQpKL198yURQ8

Disclaimerif you want to participate but can not reach Rome, please leave #replaceteam your email address and contact details via this form, we will contact you to grant you online access