Here is a recap of the activities performed by REPLACE in semester 5: from 01/08/2021 to 31/01/2022

August 2021

24/08/2021: Info Session - Circular Benchmark Toolbefore the official launch, REPLACE partners met online to discuss CBT proceedings and the structure of the official presentation within the European Week of Regions and Cities.

September 2021

13/09/2021: REPLACE 13th web-meeting; the team gathered to arrange the upcoming activities and the travel schedule; as well as to prepare for the European Week of Regions and Cities.

24/09/2021: REPLACE 14th web-meeting; the meeting focused on the upcoming travel to Crete, a learning session was dedicated to the potential cross-regional synergies, offer the partnership with an initial overview of the possible circular economy links among regions, to be discussed in a workshop session in Crete.

October 2021

06/10/2021: REPLACE in Crete; Learning and Exchange Event

07/10/2021: REPLACE in Crete; Circularity Tour

08/10/2021: REPLACE in Crete; Public Stakeholder event, Interregional Learning and Exchange

12/10/2021: EURegionsWeek => Launching the Circular Benchmark ToolREPLACE participatory session at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

12/10/2021: EURegionsWeek => Regional Policy Action for the Circular Economy TransitionREPLACE informative session at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

13/10/2021: EURegionsWeek => A four-step approach to building a regional strategy for the circular economy transitionREPLACE pitch at the European Week of Regions and Cities.

November 2021

06/11/2021: REPLACE organized an official event at the historic summit on Climate Change COP26 "Between Adaptation and Mitigation: the Role of Circular Economy in tackling Climate Change"

25/11/2021: Participation at the Interreg Europe annual event 'EU Let's Cooperate'; REPLACE organized a session dedicated to exploring interregional collaboration opportunities in the field of circular economy, namely “Brainstorming: possible interregional collaborations on circular economy - supporting the transition in RIS3 Sectors”.

December 2021

16/12/2021: REPLACE was showcased as an example of successful cross-regional cooperation in the December session of the Policy Lab, a participatory laboratory focusing on policy, projects, proposals and cooperation between regions.

23/12/2021: Plastic Value Chain Exploration meeting; REPLACE partners met online to explore possible areas of cooperation in the field of plastic to understand how to support the transition toward circular economy of this important value chain.

January 2022

11/01/2021: REPLACE Plastic Value Chain 2nd meeting

27/01/2022: REPLACE 15th online eventto arrange upcoming activities and the finalization of the semester.