#replaceteam partnered with DigiPrime for the European Week of Regions and Cities and for the COP26 events.

DigiPrime H2020 project is building the first EU-wide digital federated platform for the circular economy transition. 

The Open Call will open on 16/05/2022: therefore, the Info Day will be on 13/05/2022.

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Open call objective:

Development of new Horizontal value chain oriented (VCO) or vertical operational (OP) services offered by the DigiPrime platform.

The objective of this call is to develop "New functionalities to be included into the platform".

Definition of new services:

-New functionalities to be included to the platform such as:
-the capability to enhance data acquisition service, which provide sensory system for legacy systems;
-the capability to add labels to product models to gather distributed and enhanced information on the product and component materials (e.g. BIM approach);
-the capability to capture flows of natural resources and emissions;
-marketplace for consumers and service stations showcasing available reman parts (also batteries) in different sectors;
-training modules for transferring the key competences of the DigiPrime pilots and the related policy framework for validating the transferred knowledge;
-The capability to generate, even via emulations and digital twins, valuable real data and synthetic data (for example exploiting AI and GAN-Based approaches) for any of the DigiPrime Value Chains.
-Formalization of reverse supply chains and the entry point of used products for circular regeneration methods