The sixth RESET interregional seminar on new materials and applications took place in Huddersfield, on 31st of January. 

Innovative textile companies operating in the field of new materials and applications are developing a range of groundbreaking, hi-tech textile solutions with a range of useful new properties. New materials are being developed with an incredible range of functionalities, capable of containing explosions, protecting firefighters, providing anti-bacterial protection, maintaining the structural integrity of built structures and providing high performing filtration and containment. Such developments not only improve the competitiveness of the companies involved, but also deliver significant environmental benefits. Both traditional and technical textiles are increasingly being used for new applications across a range of sectors. An example is the development of 3D weaving for the manufacture of components for the automotive and aerospace industries. This technology allows the production of components with the strength and rigidity of steel and the weight of aluminium. Emission targets for 2020 have made weight and strength priorities for many other sectors including heavy truck, rail, defense and the renewable energy industries. There are other examples of leading edge new materials and applications being developed in the partners’ regions and the RESET project identified these good practices and  options for embedding support for them in regional Action Plans. 

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