The Textile Centre of Excellence held their second Textile Innovation Group Meeting (the RESET Project Stakeholders meeting) in Huddersfield on 10th February 2017. Feedback from the First Thematic Policy Seminar in Alcoi (Recycling in Textile and Waste Disposal) was discussed and presented by Craig Lawrance and the group looked at each good practice and discussed how it might benefit the region. Ideas for the Third Thematic policy 'New Sustainable Chemistry, Including Reduction of Chemical Substances' were also discussed.

Craig Lawrance Presented the 'MLSE Synthesis Technology' invented and developed by MTIX Ltd. the culmination of 25 years of MLSE collaborative innovation between USA and UK to decrease the carbon footprint of processing technologies. The group agreed that MLSE would be an appropriate Technology to be shared at the 2nd Thematic Seminar in Porto.

The event agenda, presentations and photos are available in LIBRARY section of the web site.