The forth RESET  interregional seminar on Smart textiles and new ways of production was hosted by STFI Saxon Textile Research Institute in Chemnitz (DE) on 20th of June 2017.

Smart or intelligent textiles are considered as a new generation of textile products actively providing support in fields like safety or health. They are high-tech and highly specialised products with a high added value. One of the main reasons for the fast growing development of smart textiles
during recent years is their importance for both research and industry. Smart textiles can be used for very different applications and under extreme weather conditions. They are very versatile in terms of products and processes. Smart textile products can be described as textile materials able to monitor and to think for themselves. They are sensitive to environmental influences and react on mechanical, thermal, chemical, electrical or magnetic sources. The global market for smart textiles is estimated to reach $6.2 billion by the year 2017 with growth mainly pushed by developments in materials and fibre technologies. Key areas of development are nano-fibres, hybrid fabrics, miniaturisation of electronic components and the increased application of electronic textiles in innovative wearable products.
The seminar was be concluded with the exchange session of good practices put into practice in partners regions, between policy practitioners and partners interested in their transferring to deepen their knowledge on specific areas of interest.

You can download agenda and presentations of the seminar in the LIBRARY section of the web site.