On behalf of CTU UCEEB, we would like to invite you on an online webinar for companies which consider installing new renewable energy sources in their factories. 

Webinar will be held on Wednesday 20th January 2021. There will be presented four examples of best practices of the RES installation in the Czech industry companies. They will show what was needed for a successful subsidy application. The aim of this webinar is to show the best way of how to apply for a subsidy for renewable energy sources in industry in the Czech Republic. CTU UCEEB also invited representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade CZ who will show the new Policy Instrument for the period 2021-2027. During the meeting, there are planned presentations from the bank sector as well to show the possibilities on how to finance such projects. 

The webinar language is Czech, but we will publish in English and distribute the main ideas, points related to the RESINDUSTRY project on our website after the event. 

If you would like to join us on the meeting, please contact project coordinator Stepanka Holeckova, CTU UCEEB ([email protected]). 

We are looking to meet you the webinar!

You can find the program below.