After months of meeting virtually, RESINDUSTRY partners and stakeholders are gathering next 14th and 15th of September to keep advancing in RESINDUSTRY project developments. The meeting will be placed in Badajoz (Spain) and hosted by the local partner AGENEX. Especially attention to security and health measures will be paid to guarantee the safeness of the participants.  

A comprehensive Agenda has been organized to deal with different activities to advance in the project developments. 

The first day, the 14th of September starts with an interregional workshop for partners and stakeholders up to lunch and continues with a master class after the meal only for project partners. This day will focus on the policy instruments the Consortium is improving, and the Action Plans that partners are starting to develop. By the end of the day, the Partnership should have more knowledge on how to prepare an Action Plan. The Master Class will be led by the expert Javier Ordóñez.

On the second day, the 15th of September, Partners will deal with internal aspects of project development in the Steering Committee. After this, AGENEX has planned three study visits to different industries that have implemented renewable energy sources in their production processes. 

Photo credits: Pixabay