The next Interregional event of the RESINDUSTRY project “Interregional learning workshop and Study visit” will take place on the 27th and 28th of April in Gozo, Malta. The event will be hosted by the Ministry for Gozo and split between learning actions that will take place within both days.

On the first day of sessions (27th April) the meeting will start by the hand of Mr Joseph Cutajar (ecoGozo Director) and will be followed by RESINDUSTRY partner presentation regarding their action plans. Experiences will be exchanged and known how about the process will be developed.

The second day (28th April) will include three study visits.

 1st- Magro food Village: is one of the largest food processing SMEs in Malta, processing tomatoes, cheeses and dairy products. In an effort to decrease the building´s energy demand, the business decided to cover the consumption of the building by installing 380 kWp solar PV system to partially offset the energy required from the grid.

2nd- Gozo Experimental Farm: This farm provides the cultivation of various species of vegetable and fruit seedlings. To cover part of the intensive consumption of the building the Ministry for Gozo decided to install 190,84 kWp solar PV system.

3rd- The Xewkija windmill was built circa 1710, making it one of the oldest standing windmills on the Maltese island. In 2020 the windmill was restored through EU funds. The restorations include the reconstruction of the windmill´s mechanism and the replacement of the roof.

Thanks to this event, partners from the ENERSELVES project will have the opportunity to join the study visits. Gathering partners from eleven European countries (Spain, Poland, Italy, Romania, Sweden, Malta, Czech Republic, Finland, Austria, Estonia and Malta).

Photo author: Christian Cordina