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Stakeholders cooperate to boost RES business!


The RESINDUSTRY stakeholders develop their cooperation, thanks to the knowledge...

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RESINDUSTRY team visits Extremadura


Partners and stakeholders visit Extremadura to see the local good practices of...

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RES in urban mobility: Circular economy frameworks


RES in mobility: Enabling low-carbon circular economy.

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The prospects for the RES sector in Poland


The meeting gathered representatives from business, Public Administration and...

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Renewables role at smart specialization strategies


Fostering renewable energy with smart specialization.

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Call for energy projects in Malta


Call for Maltese Research and Innovation projects in energy and water.

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LSG Meeting in Tartu


The meeting was held online last 15th of June.

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Third Local Stakeholder Meeting was held by CTU


Third Local Stakeholder Meeting was held by CTU UCEEB on 24 th June 2021 at the...

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Two new solar farms in Gozo


The island is investing in solar initiatives for promoting RES energy...

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Estonia is turning to the circular economy


The Estonian economy is strong, innovative and responsible. The country is...

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Extremadura will boost RES through an ambitious Plan


Extremadura will have 30.6 million euros available for actions in the field of...

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CTU UCEEB hosted the first Policy Breakfast


The first Czech Policy Breakfast took place at CTU UCEEB facilities in...

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