Project News

Lahti welcomes the EU Green Week


This Finnish city has hosted the High-Level Opening Event of this virtual...

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Low Carbon Economy in the spotlight


Low carbon economy and energy issues are the joint objectives of two Interreg...

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RESINDUSTRY at LAB International Week 2021


The project will be presented in today's session: SUSTAINABILITY, the transition...

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LAB launches a video of the Climate Action Roadmap


With the support of RESINDUSTRY project.

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Internal Institutional Meeting - online event (AT)


Internal institutional meeting at the FH Vorarlberg on 26.01.2021 for framing in...

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Groundwater heating in Päijät-Häme


The area of Päijät-Häme is one of the best places in Finland for a novel type of...

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Local Stakeholder Seminar - online event


Local Stakeholder Seminar at the FH Vorarlberg.

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2nd LSM in Świętokrzyskie


the Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship hosted Local...

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RES opportunities for agribusiness in Extremadura


AGENEX organized a Local Stakeholders meeting online to discuss energy solutions...

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Fourth Steering Committee in the RESINDUSTRY project


CTU UCEEB held online meeting with the project consortium.

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RESINDUSTRY institutional meeting in Poland


MOSR has hosted the RESINDUSTRY Institutional Meeting online due to COVID...

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CTU UCEEB presented the best way how to use the RES


CTU UCEEB held an online webinar for companies.

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