Project News

Green Power Unit in Połaniec, Poland


The Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship's biomass capabilities are increasing.

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500 MW pump-hydro accumulation station in Estonia


500 MW pump-hydro accumulation station project in Estonia to start operating in...

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The evolution towards RES in the cork industry


CICYTEX has developed a prototype of CSP to produce a medium-temperature solar...

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Internal Institutional Meeting in Dornbirn


FHV organized an Internal Institutional Meeting which brought together a range...

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Improving production resource effectivity in Estonia


Companies can apply for support to improve production resource effectivity.

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Czech local stakeholders meet in Buštěhrad


On 11 June 2020 the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings CTU in...

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Synergies for a sustainable Agri-food Industry


Online meeting with CTAEX, a research centre in Extremadura

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The future priorities of the EU energy policy


The industry sector plays a very important role in the energy transition to a...

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CHP plants and its main role in energy transition


Decentralized biomass small-scale combined heat and power plants for the energy...

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Young students attend a renewable-energy session


Organised by AGENEX to explain the added value of renewables for energy savings....

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Project event held in Dornbirn


The event gathered participants covering all four helices industry, governments,...

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Joint Forces towards sustainability in Päijät-Häme


Lahti aims to become carbon-neutral by 2025, meaning 25 years ahead of the EU...

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