One of the RESINDUSTRY project partners in Lahti, Finland, LAB University of Applied Sciences (LAB) has already reached three policy changes.

The first one has been already approved by Interreg Europe and is related to the Päijät-Häme Climate Action Roadmap. LAB on behalf of RESINDUSTRY conducted a biogas study, which investigated the biogas potential (including challenges, and possible bottlenecks, including material flows) in the Päijät-Häme region, conducted at the end of semester 2 and beginning of sem 3. The study outcomes directly contributed to several subgoals of the roadmap and the process is described also in one of the RESINDUSTRY videos.

The two other policy changes have been submitted and currently are under evaluation by Interreg Europe experts. The second policy change is also connected to the previously mentioned biogas study. One of the conclusions was the high level of utilization of wastewater and industrial and municipal waste biomass but low utilization of rural farm biomasses, such as animal manure and agricultural side products. The study outcomes confirmed the unused potential & locations of agricultural waste for biogas production. The policy improvement refers to the implementation of a new project named SaMaRa - Sarjavalmisteinen maatilakokoluokan ravinnekierrätyslaitoskonsepti, in English:´Serial farm-size nutrient recycling plant concept´. It is funded by RAKI program (Nutrient recycling pilot program 2020 - 2022) coordinated by the Ministry of the Environment. SaMaRa aims at producing a serial production farm-scale nutrient recycling plant concept, allowing for easy biogas production from farm collected biomasses. SaMaRa is led by LAB together with companies and local authorities, including some of the RESINDUSTRY stakeholders.

The third policy change is related to wind energy and the state grant is based on the goals set in the Finnish climate and energy strategy to increase the planning areas for wind power in municipalities and regions. The Regional Council of Päijät-Häme (RESINDUSTRY stakeholder, regional authority) has received a grant for a project/study related to wind energy. The inspiration comes from the RESINDUSTRY discussions, stakeholder meetings, and mostly from the RESINDUSTRY Market Analysis. Market Analysis pointed out that Finland’s potential for wind energy is even higher than an average in Europe, making it, along with biomass, the most suitable renewable energy source.

The wind study will:

  • Explore new locations suitable for wind power production throughout the Päijät-Häme region (using external consultant). The previous study is from 2012. Since then, wind power technology has developed and the heights of power plants have increased, so suitable locations for wind power plants can be found in new areas.
  • Serve as a background study for the next comprehensive regional plan. The regional plan only controls the location of regionally significant wind power production areas; the implementation of smaller wind power production areas is possible through general planning.
  • Include discussions in other municipalities to avoid possible obstacles in wind E implementation
  • Public and private sectors can then benefit from this study.

More details in the LAB PRO article:

Author: Katerina Medkova

Illustration: (Pexels Licence)