Virtual study visit and innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy were the issues discussed during the RESINDUSTRY project International Event 6, of which the Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship is a partner.

The online meeting on 22nd February was attended by representatives of international partners and project stakeholders from Czechia, Spain, Finland, Austria, Estonia and GOZO, Malta. Our Świętokrzyskie stakeholders also appeared in large numbers. There were representatives of the Kielce University of Technology, Świętokrzyskie Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer, Academy of Entrepreneurship, Regional Science and Technology Centre, ZOZ Końskie and Trade-Off, RES Lab sp.z o.o. and EkoEnergia companies. The meeting was an opportunity not only to summarise the activities undertaken so far in the project, but also to discuss an outline of an Action Plan for the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship to be created in the project on effective use of renewable energy in industry. It will include proposals to support projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency in the new EU Funds for the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship for 2021-2027 priority 2 Environmentally friendly region, with allocation of EUR 385 million and in particular its activities 2.1 Energy efficiency and 2.2 Green energy are aimed at entrepreneurs.


During the meeting, a recording of a virtual study visit in HEKO Czermno was also presented. The film was made by the Division for Economic Promotion of the Region in the Department of Investments and Development in the Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in cooperation with the IT Department and the Marshal's Cabinet. HEKO has been a manufacturer of car fairings since 1991 and uses ecological technologies aboundantly, as it also produces PMMA plates from plastic waste. Piotr Głogowski, Sales Director and Krzysztof Stępnicki, Chief Accountant, talked about the above installation and the company's profile. The HEKO Plastics and Various Products Plant has created a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of up to 1 MW power to supply production halls. The project was done with the support of the Regional Operational Programme for the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship 2014-2022 under measure 3.1. Then, thanks to the efforts of the Department, this installation was awarded by the so-called "green energy" specialists of the Interreg Programme and posted on the official website of the Programme as the so-called "good practice"

Then, the RESINDUSTRY project team visited the headquarters of BP Mediatech and Solarprojekt Construction sp.z o.o. sp. k. which were contractors of PV installations at HEKO. The President of the company Paweł Wieczorek and the Director Ita Nowerska-Ślifirska talked about the beginnings, goals, plans for the future of both companies, as well as, about the PV project at HEKO itself.

In the next part, the participants could listen to a workshop conducted by the contractor's representative, Magdalena Łuszczyńska.

Dr Tomasz Fiszer, an expert in the field of renewable energy sources and a project stakeholder, also took the floor, leading a workshop on the use of medium and high-power high-temperature heat pumps (up to 4 MW), which can be equipped with a ground heat source, such as a geothermal borehole, ground, air in cooperation with air PC, sewage or waste heat (process). These devices are able to power various new and modernised installations in industry and services. They provide high parameters for supplying heat and cold in hospitals, wastewater treatment plants, municipal networks and facilities in the food industry.

The international project partners presented the effects of their work on their Action Plans for their regions in the last part of the conference call.

The project entitled "Policies in the field of renewable energy sources in industry" (RESINDUSTRY) is implemented by the Division for Economic Promotion of the Region in the Department of Investments and Development of the Office of the Marshal of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship under the Interreg Europe Programme, measure 3.1 Improving low-carbon economy policies.