Kronoberg County organises the second RESOLVE Peer Review in Växjö, the capital of the County.  Experts will review and advice the city on strategies related to retail related mobility.


Växjö is a green expansive city with a renowned environmental policy and a growth rate comparable to Sweden's major cities, awarded several international awards for its environmental work. The city center offers great shopping with many independent retail shops together with the major well-known retail chains.

There are plenty of local initiatives going on in the city that reinforces good environment. Based on the environmental quality objectives the policy instrument "Regional environmental targets" i.e. SUMP is adapted to the region through the action plan for environmental targets. There are 14 focus areas in the action plan for environmental targets.  Within focus area "Reduced climate impact" in the action plan for environmental targets, the policy includes eleven regional objectives. Examples are: 

  • CO2 emissions from traffic and industrial vehicles to fall by 35% from 1990 to 2020
  • Renewable vehicles constitute at least 30% in road transport in 2020
  • The use of fossil fuels in Kronoberg to have ceased by 2030.

By making the policy more concrete, municipalities and private companies as well as citizens will be more aware of what has to be done to achieve a low carbon retail society. There is a great potential to improve transport within the retail (decreasing of CO2 emission), but it is especially difficult when there must be an interaction between the municipality (traffic regulatory authority) and private actors (owner of the goods and transport).


Växjö wants to develop new methods and logistic solutions for a more energy efficient region with lower emissions. The City wants to meet partners that have worked with management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption e.g. implemented consolidation points in city centers or worked with similar questions. For that reason, Växjö will be placing an emphasis on the issues that should be considered when establishing and operating a consolidation point for retailers in Vaxjo city center.

Following priorities and queries are identified and will be discussed during the Peer review:

  •  funding problems and unwillingness to pay higher costs for transport
  •  lack of knowledge within logistic among retailers
  •  insufficient cooperation between retailers, suppliers and carriers.