Are you planning to make your town or city centre more liveable? The partners in the RESOLVE project are testing the transferability of the Dutch good practice Vlonderterras (parklet). It’s a neat way to reduce shopping-by-car and win the hearts (and wallets) of retailers. It works in the Netherlands, will it work in the UK and Slovenia? Elsewhere?

We invite anyone interested to join us at our one-day workshop in Stockport UK, on 21 January 2020!

Since 2014 every summer in Rotterdam a number of parking spaces in the city centre are transformed in terraces for restaurants, bars and café’s. For the period May-October horeca facilities (hotel | restaurants | catering) can ask the local authority for permission to use one or two parking spots in front of their shops in order to put a temporary terrace for the customers.

During discussion we discovered that other RESOLVE PPs are already “experiencing” parklets. In some of these cases the parklet has been installed by commercial operators (eg restaurants) on an unplanned/anarchic basis, whereas our pilot partners intend to introduce it for non-commercial reasons (carbon reduction | environmental enhancement). PPs believe that “interregional learning” can be done between the commercial and non-commercial cases. While it is not easy (conflicts arise over loss of parking spaces, noise from late-night activities etc), parklets offer an opportunity to resolve different viewpoints on a practical basis.

The state of art is that in Stockport the parklet is installed and tested, and Maribor will start theirs in March. So, it’s a good moment for us to share some experiences and earn some lessons in a day-long Technical Workshop.

The aim of the workshop is for attendees to both learn from other destinations that have introduced Parklets and also to share their existing knowledge of how to best implement a parklet. The workshop will appeal to those who have ambitions to have create an environment where parklets will play a key role in their streetscape. Attendees will be able to acquire knowledge on how different destinations have diverse ideas of what Parklets are, which models to follow and how they can have the greatest impact.

Why restrict this to RESOLVE? We would love to welcome participants from other Interreg Europe projects, and from elsewhere as well!

* formal registration is not required, but we do need to know the names of attendees in advance

* if your organisation is a partner in an approved Interreg Europe project, your travel etc costs may be eligible (consult your LP!)

If you are interested to attend, please contact: 

Liam Potts - [email protected]

Transport for Greater Manchester