Resolve partner City of Warsaw, in collaboration with Interreg Policy Learning Platform, will organise an online Peer Review next September 2020. Five peers from Madeira, Thessaloniki, Utrecht, Barcelona and Vilnus and five guests form Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform will provide advice to the City of Warsaw and its stakeholders about:


1. Starting to build a Warsaw logistics policy. What should be taken into account? How to start working on a strategy? Who should be involved? What are the key parts of the strategy? How to formulate the goal of the strategy? 

2. Preparing the implementation with a large-scale pilot project. How to set-up monitoring and impact assessment? How to gain data for the traffic flow? What kind of data should be collected? How to evaluate the effects of the pilot project? 

The first part of the meeting will be open to public bodies, citizens, activists, all potentially interested parties. In this session, the peers' experiences will be presented together with the current situation in Warsaw. The second part will dedicated to Warsaw officials and administration – we will talk about possible solutions but also about limitations. 

More info about the results of the Peer Review will be published on the news section!