Transport for Greater Manchester’s RAP has identified three key actions. Each are in different fields yet have the same aim of reducing emissions in our town and city centres.

The first action that was introduced was the distribution of travel packs to residents that helps to give information about sustainable travel in their particular location. This highlighted local walking and cycling routes, offered discount on public transport and give personalised journey plans to the work destination. The PTP’s were distributed to residents using the Council’s new online change of address system. The idea is that residents are influenced to change their travel habits at a time where they are experiencing major changes to the existing routine. i.e. moving to a new house.

One of the reasons why we opted for online PTP was on the advice of those who had developed the Almada project. The physical packs were deemed too cumbersome for residents to understand and sometimes to physically too large to deliver to the residents. Based on this advice we were able to justify going for an online approach.


The second action in the RAP was the implementation of Greater Manchester’s first Parklet; a destination where people can relax and enjoy their surroundings. Principally, this is a location where people can park their bikes safely, therefore encouraging cycling to our town centres.

In July 2019 the Stockport Parklet was installed. This had great local coverage, with Greater Manchester’s Walking & Cycling Commissioner and former Olympian, Chris Boardman opening the facility. Initial monitoring suggests that the parklet has been well received and well used.

On 21st February 2020 a workshop/conference was hosted in Stockport to showcase the parklet and to discuss other options for implementing further parklets across Greater Manchester. Experts were invited to overview the differing models for implementing parklets from across Europe. In attendance were cycle infrastructure professionals from across Greater Manchester that have ambitions to extend the parklet programme to their Districts. As such, they were able to learn from the continental European examples that were on presented. Other Resolve partners such as Maribor also benefitted from the workshop as their plans for parklet implementation were reviewed and critically appraised.

  (former Olympian Chris Boardman opening the Stockport Parklet) 


The final action was to implement a waste consolidation scheme in Manchester City Centre. The aim here is that all retail outlet in the pilot area would sign up to the same waste removal firm, therefore reducing the number of firms (and vehicles) operating in the area.

After an Invitation to Tender process, a waste contractor was selected to become the preferred supplier for the pilot area. A marketing and comms programme was then developed, and business engagement began in February 2020 with a launch of the scheme. A public launch was planned to take place in mid-March but due to the Covid pandemic this was postponed. Engagement will commence once businesses in the pilot area have re-opened. Over the next year there will be further business engagement and monitoring to assess the impact of the scheme.