The Azorean Director for Energy revealed that the share of renewables in electricity in Flores island increased from 46%, in 2018, to about 55% in 2019, considering it “a major milestone for this island, towards energy sustainability”. “In Flores, we have reached extraordinary results on the integration of renewables, with a contribution of about 6% from wind and 49% from hydro”, highlighted Andreia Carreiro. Regarding geothermal power, she noted “its importance for electricity generation, as a strategic investment in the Region”, referring the goal of “maximising the use of this natural resource by increased the power capacity of the existing geothermal power stations in the islands of São Miguel and Terceira, increasing the energy generation from clean sources in the archipelago”. The Azorean Director also referred that “several projects are underway, namely the construction of a new hydro power plant in Flores island, one photovoltaic power plant in Santa Maria island and another in Corvo island, as well as energy storage systems in the islands of Santa Maria, Terceira and São Miguel”.

Andreia Carreiro spoke in Santa Cruz das Flores, in one of the information sessions happening in each of the nine islands of the archipelago, promoting the involvement of all Azoreans with energy, within a policy of openness and proximity.

The Regional Director also inaugurated a public charging station for electric vehicles in Santa Cruz das Flores, following a cooperation agreement between the Azorean Government and the local Municipality.