The Azorean Director for Energy pointed out that the Azores are one of the Portuguese regions with more EV fast public charging stations per capita, with over 6 per 100 thousand inhabitants, a higher value than in other regions and that reflects the support of the Azorean Government for electric mobility, “one of the key areas of this legislature on energy”.

The Director exemplified that, in Madeira, another Portuguese island region, there are about 3 fast charging stations per 100 thousand inhabitants while in mainland Portugal there are approximately 1 per 100 thousand. The example was given during an online seminar on energy efficiency where the Director listed the 26 EV public charging stations recently installed in the Azores while also referring that some final commissioning tests are also underway, ensuring full operability “very soon”. 

“This network provides a complete and balanced reach of all 9 islands and municipalities”, she added, highlighting that “it fulfils the needs of Azoreans, who may specifically need to charge their vehicles on the road”. 

“Electric mobility is an evident solution at the global scale, because it is such an effective energy efficiency measure for the transport sector”, she argued, “this is especially relevant for the Azores which offer the perfect conditions for its successful implementation given the short distances and the increasing autonomy of electric vehicles”. Within this context, the Director highlighted that electric mobility contributes to the “decarbonised development of the Azores, respecting the environment and reinforcing its role as a sustainable destination”.