During 2019, the Retrace team has great challenges as keep on implementing the Regional Action Plan of every region and to organize the Final Dissemination Event, which will be hold during the second term, before summer. The event will take place in Slovenia being the host entity the Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy. In the event, we will have many speakers and practical cases that are important Good Practices in the field of Circular Economy.

A systemic change is required to get a transition towards a Circular Economy. In order to reach that, we need to start understanding the existing systems, their interactions and identifying pathways for new connections that can support the transition, underpinned by an alternative approach to policy design. So, more than asking ourselves what to do, we should know how to do it.

That is exactly what will be offered at this event. Speakers will present alternative approaches to the designing of the policy pathways in Germany when it comes to carbon neutrality and resources efficiency. They will also explain how EU Policy lab is innovating the European policy-making and what projects at the EU level can contribute to the transition towards a Circular Economy. The results, which will be presented by the Retrace project stakeholders will confirm the success of the project learning process and that the actions have potential to contribute to a systemic change.

As the best way to learn is practising, the afternoon workshop will offer the option to participate in the design of solutions, which are generated at the intersection of social innovation and Circular Economy paradigm.

Results of the Retrace project and good practices from the partner’s regions will be showed at the event.

You can check the agenda here.