The RFC project held last 20th and 21st April the Dissemination Conference and the second Policy Improvement Workshop in the province of Teruel, Spain.

On the first of the two days, all partners were welcomed by the President of the Provincial Government of Teruel, Manuel Rando López and by María Ariño Ejarque, Deputy delegate of the Office of Territorial Development and European Projects, in Teruel. After this initial welcome, the partners travelled to the walled town of Albarracín where the Dissemination Conference took place.

In this event, all the project partners presented the action plans that they are committed to carry out during the next months and that represent the second and last phase of the RFC project. Of course, there was also time to visit Albarracín.

On the second day, the partners once again travelled from Teruel to Albarracín to hold the 2nd Policy Improvement Workshop where they discussed the state of the art of policies in the project partners territories and celebrated a dialogue table for improving natural, cultural, military and fortresses heritage policies.

The event ended with a visit to the Peracense Castle and with the return to Teruel, where the meeting concluded.