Magdeburg's regional stakeholder group met for the 7th and last time of RFC project phase 1 at the Department for Environment and Urban Development. The final Action Plan was briefly presented to the participants again and well received. The full document was sent to the regional stakeholders previously. The attendees agreed to the intentions of the action plan and signed it to show their support for the planning to create an overall vision, including the development of the green fortress belt and expertise board "Future Fortress Forum".

The RFC project film on the action plans of all European project partners was also presented so that an impression could be gained of which actions are being implemented in the other regions.

In the project news, the RSG learned about the workshops, study visits and milestones the Magdeburg project team has gone through since February 2022. The Action Plan will be presented to the City Council after the summer break. The realisation of the Action Plan is currently being prepared by the city of Magdeburg.