Info days increases the knowledge, support and awareness on fortifications

The masterplan of Lier was explained in group to interested citizens and afterwards discussed in four workshops: on nature, heritage, experience and associations using the fortress. During the Fortress Summer fortress several activities will take place such as guided tours, adventure trails, workshops, bats games … The Vestentoets Herentals has been developed in strong cooperation with the city councils and new projects are started on the digitalisation of historic maps and new design approach of the city wall. The former city wall will be also be part of the Open Heritage Days – the old city gates will be virtually presented. Also in Fort Lillo Virtuafort will be shown and in Zandvliet 400 years memorial on building of the city wall be part of the Open heritage Days, spionage maps will be revealed by professor Lombaerde. And in Dendermonde a nice walking trail is added with stories voiced by actor Dominique Van Malder.

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