RFC’s Virtuafort pilot action presented and innovative graphic recording of poster sessions in final stakeholders meeting in Antwerp

The final Regional Stakeholder Meeting @ Antwerp focused on the innovation theme. Cooperation was stimulated by a poster session in several groups.

The achieved RFC results were pitched, discussed and shown by all stakeholders. This was the perfect opportunity to present new ideas, new projects and ambitions and by each partner and stakeholder.

All discussions, common topics were graphic recorded by Visuality. The same interest is clear, all partners benefit in cooperation and maybe in long term organisation. Innovation was also present in the RFC’s pilot action of Virtuafort.

In the final semester several testing meetings were organised during the development of Virtuafort, in the Kruitmagazijn, in the former city hall and also in the church as final test during the final meeting in Lillo.

The church will be an ideal location for organising this VR experience, as part of a larger touristic gate and experience centre.

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