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2nd Newsletter


Road CSR project 1st Newsletter issue, September 2017

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Current Situation of CSR in Cyprus


A study on the current situation of CSR in Cyprus was conducted during the first...

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3rd SC Meeting and 2nd Joint Thematic Seminar


3rd Steering Committee Meeting and 2nd Joint Thematic Seminar was organized in...

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Survey on CSR incorporation in the Region of Crete


Since September 2017, the Region of Crete is conducting a survey on CSR...

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CSR Europe Assessment Tools


Benchmarking tools are the best way to create profitable business strategies...

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2nd Regional thematic seminar in the Czech Republic


2nd regional thematic seminar was organized on 24th November 2017 in České...

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Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteerism


Vassiliko Cement Works has been distinguished for Corporate Social...

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NTNU Sustainability Science Conference 2017


NTNU Sustainability hosts first international Sustainability Science Conference...

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EU Non-financial Reporting Directive Implementation


An overview of how Member States are implementing the EU Directive on...

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Cyprus: Network for Corporate Social Responsibility


Even though CSR Cyprus is a new organization, it has already begun to plan the...

Type: Project

Social responsibility & current challenges, Slovenia


Analysis of current legislation regarding corporate social responsibility was...

Type: Project

National Action Plan for CSR in the Czech Republic


The "National Action Plan for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Czech...

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