On Saturday, May 27, in Prague's Cernin Palace awarded historically first SDGs Awards, prestigious awards for Social responsibility and sustainability. The Czech Republic has become one of the first countries in the world where prices for fulfilling of the Goals of Sustainable Development of the United Nations were granted. (Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs). This event was proclaimed by the Office of the Government, the Social Association Responsibility, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic Development Agency and the United Nations. The Czech Republic, has signed up unbelievable 215 projects. In the private sector category, the public was most interested by ,,Czech island,, house. This is a talented team project of Students of architecture and construction who are building a self-sufficiency buildings which combines advanced technologies and friendliness. 

The public sphere won the campaign I'm ready to save the food. - it teaches Czech people

Not to buy just perfect shaped fruit and vegetables, but to buy and to process "crooked" foods to prevent its unnecessary waste. IKEA Czech Republic received the best reporting awar. Their reporting is made in a very creative form like a card game or illustrated antistress coloring for adults.

"The Czech SDGs are great innovations, which not only attracts attention to sustainable development, but it also serves as an inspiration for business, individuals and public administrations to increase their activities to achieve the Goals Sustainable development. SDGs are an initiative that should definitely expand to other countries, " said Jeffrey Sachs one of the most famous world economists, expert on sustainable development and United nations adviser.

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