In order to incorporate CSR fully into companies business models, management and boards must support its integration. A survey conducted by NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Tekna, Pure Consulting, the Research Council of Norway and the Oslo Stock Exchange shed light on the opinions of CSR competence in the boards of Norwegian companies. 

Many recognized that sustainability and CSR cannot only be part of a company during it's leadership meetings, but that it must also be followed and integrated into all parts of the business.

Another finding was that most believed sustainability could be strengthened across Norwegian boards. In order to do so, however, companies need to build their competence of the competitive advantages that can result from more socially and environmentally sustainable companies.  

Finally, the survey led to the finding that companies that implement sustainability the "best" are those that have moved beyond a sustainability/CSR strategy implemented only to prevent risks. The "best ones" see opportunities to strengthen their own business by working in the most sustainable way, engaging all stakeholders and epanding sustainable business solutions.

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