Region of Crete, motivated by the knowledge and experience gained through the implementation of Road-CSR project, launched a CSR Observatory Platform available in Greek Language at the following link

The main scope of this initiative is to capitalize the Road CSR results and disseminate its deliverables as well as to incorporate CSR in Cretan Entrepreneurship and open the dialogue with stakeholders.

At this initial stage, who visits the CSR Observatory platform can find information on Road CSR project and its deliverables available in Greek, participate the survey on CSR conducted by Region of Crete, register its own practices on CSR and find useful links.

Among Region of Crete future goals is to develop a database – network of mentors, consisted of professionals in CSR, to provide mentoring services to managers, to develop a free web tool that will help companies to get a self-assessment of their CSR actions and to organize annual “summer camps” for managers of SMEs, new or protentional entrepreneurs etc.

The project team of ROAD-CSR in the Region of Crete are: Katerina Vlasaki (coordinator, [email protected]), Katerina Rousaki (communication manager, [email protected]) and Christos Bilios ([email protected]).