Vassiliko Cement Works has been distinguished for Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of volunteering for two actions:

One is covering material needs for the Theotokos Foundation, such as orthopaedic / hospital beds and the equipment of the Physiotherapy Center, thus contributing significantly to the improvement of both the day-to-day operation of the Home and other Foundation programs, as well to improve the quality of life of people hosted in this and been served.

The second concerns our cooperation with the Association of Young Volunteers to implement the Connect To Others program with the collaboration of Manadoob®: Self-esteem and Life Skills, aiming at strengthening self-esteem and skills such as social responsibility, social influence, the empathy and empowerment of the socio-emotional intelligence of children aged 7-12. The program was implemented at Kalavasos Elementary School with the participation of 14 children, through 16 meetings, once a week. The meetings took place outside school hours in a special community space. The program will help children in their later lives facing difficult situations with positivity.