The CSR Network Cyprus, the Directorate General for Coordination and Development (DG ESPA) and the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment organize seminars on promoting CSR in Entrepreneurship.

One of the findings from the current situation of CSR in Cyprus is the fact that Cypriot enterprises does not do CSR mainly due to the lack of knowledge and confusion about the concept of CSR. The overall attitude of the Cypriot enterprises is terms of knowledge and understanding of the concept of CSR seems to be quite low since in a recent survey they stated that they don’t know or understand the CSR concept, they have a general picture of what it is but they do not how to implement it or they don’t even know which are the benefits of CSR in their companies.

A small percentage of Cyprus businesses understand and support the 'original' definition of CSR, as defined by the EU. This attitude leads to an initial conclusion that the concept of CSR is not fully integrated into the culture of Cyprus businesses since the voluntary exposure and the dialogue with their stakeholders on these issues, an integral element of effective and efficient implementation of CSR, is implicitly "rejected. As well, CSR needs to stop being the perception of charity and become an organic part of modern entrepreneurship. It must be a key strategic tool of Cypriot Organisations.

To overcome the lack of CSR knowledge in business the Directorate General for Coordination and Development (DG ESPA), the Office of the Commissioner for the Environment and the CSR Network Cyprus, organize seminars on promoting CSR in Entrepreneurship

The "Entrepreneurial Responsibility" Workshops were held successfully in different cities of Cyprus. During the workshops, public and private organizations were given the opportunity to discuss and develop issues of sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship, while explaining concrete examples of good practices already implemented by private organizations in Cyprus. Also, at the workshops the business self-assessment tool for corporate social responsibility and steps to improve the performance of the enterprises was presented as well as the processes for the creation of the CSR certification and how a company can obtain it.