Region of Crete Crete signed a contract with the Hellenic Mediterranean University for the implementation of the Pilot Action “Socially Responsible Cretan Business – Mentoring Programme”, approved by Interreg Europe in the framework of Road – CSR project.

The main idea of “Socially Responsible Cretan Business – Mentoring Programme” is based on the best practice “DIRSE Mentor Programme” identified by Partner 3 – General Directorate of Labor, Regional Ministry of Education and Employment of the Government of Extremadura (Spain) during phase 1 of Road – CSR project.  

Considering that the level of incorporating CSR principles in SMEs established in Crete is very low, an initiative that would bring together professionals on CSR and managers of SMEs would be added value for the efforts done by our Region to promote CSR. 

The activities envisaged through the pilot action are: 

• To develop a database – network of mentors, consisted of professionals in CSR

• To create a library of legislation, best practices and training material on CSR

• To provide mentoring services to managers. The mentoring process would be in terms of giving advice, transferring knowledge and motivating to improve management by including aspects such as sustainability, social inclusion etc

• To organize annual “summer camps” for managers of SMEs, new or protentional entrepreneurs etc. Participants will have the opportunity to gain new skills, exchange experiences and be certified as Manager for CSR and sustainable development of the enterprise.

Through the mentoring programme Region of Crete aims to promote CSR principles, train the future managers and create new CSR job opportunities in the organizations. 

The target group (mentees) of the pilot “Summer Camp” is consisted of local SME’s managers that will be selected through a public announcement as it described in Section B. We set the target of 15 - 20 SME’s for participating the “summer camp”  

For further inofrmation you can visit the CSR Observatory Platform available at the following link or contact the project team of ROAD-CSR in the Region of Crete: Katerina Vlasaki (coordinator, [email protected]), Katerina Rousaki (communication manager, [email protected]) and Christos Bilios ([email protected]