Mentors registered in the project network – database will have guidance from experts and will provide mentoring services to managers that will participate in the first “summer camp” organized in Heraklion Crete. The mentoring process will include giving advice, transferring knowledge and motivating SMEs to improve management by including aspects of social responsibility, sustainability, social inclusion etc. The “summer camp” for managers of SMEs, new or protentional entrepreneurs will be held on 24th -28th of August 2020, Region of Crete, in the framework of Road CSR Project (full announcement in Greek

Applications by mentrors - professionals on CSR can be submitted through the following link until 31st of July.

For more information on the ROAD CSR project please visit Region of Crete CSR Observatory webpage

Start Date: 17/07/2020, 14:00

End Date: 31/07/2020, 17:00