The 6th Interregional Learning Event and Partners’ meeting of the project RUMORE will take place on 12th and 13th of June 2019 in Burgas, Bulgaria. It is organized and hosted by District Government Burgas.

The Interregional Learning Event will provide insights into the innovation policies and structures in the Region of Burgas. The participants will learn about the long-term strategic goals for economic development of the Region and how the better integration between urban and rural areas could support the delivery of innovation and the generation of jobs on the regional territory.

During the meeting, partners and their invited stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn from selected rural-urban good practices from the Agrofood and Educational and Research and Development sectors. A number of study visits to selected rural municipalities from the Region will provide first-hand insights into the practical importance of rural-urban partnerships.
Furthermore, the programme of the meeting includes a series of interactive working sessions.

During these sessions, the partner regions will exchange in pairs on their hitherto Action Plan development process. They will discuss on how to keep local stakeholders engaged in the implementation of the Action Plans and will collect first ideas for project recommendations.