RUMORE’s pilot project at the press event of the European program "EU RICE"

The press event of the European Programme EU RICE was held in Thessaloniki on September 20th. The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia (RDFCM) participated in the event, organized by the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki. The EU PICE Programme is implemented by the Agricultural Partnership of Thessaloniki and Consejo Regulador de la DOP Arroz de Valencia (Regulating Authority for PDO Valencia rice) and aims to raise awareness and inform consumers and producers that rice produced in Europe is a safe product, which is cultivated subject to strict European Regulations. The program stresses the environmental sustainability of rice cultivation, underlining its beneficial role in the climate crisis and the environment, as a whole.

The Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia was represented by Mrs. Paraskevi Tsimitri and Mr. Ioannis Spandos, who had the opportunity to present RUMORE’s pilot project which aims to pilot the development of a blockchain traceability application within the rice value chain in the framework of exploring the potential of setting up an Agri-Food Digital Innovation Hub. Mr. Spandos referred to the vulnerability of high value-added agricultural products, such as rice, which requires strict control of supply, production, processing, storage, and distribution conditions in order to ensure the nutritional value of the product and the health of consumers. Also, he was underling the need for collaboration with all European rice stakeholders, who could give European rice Regions a competitive advantage in the global markets, mainly through an European distinctive rice of higher quality and its traceability via digitalization and IoT. The digital transformation of the rice value chain will highlight the local product more broadly and strengthen its competitiveness, but also as a good practice will further highlight the potential of the agricultural sector at the regional and national level, promoting policies with multiplier benefits for farmers.