RUMORE partners met from 14 to 16 June 2022 in Thessaloniki (GR) in the context of the 8th ERIAFF Network Annual Conference 2022.

The Network of European Regions for Innovation in Agriculture, Food and Forestry (ERIAFF) is an informal association of regional authorities established in 2012 in Florence (Tuscany, Italy). The 8th ERIAFF Annual Conference 2022 'Towards Sustainable Agri-Food and Forestry Systems' included several policy discussions from representatives of the ERIAFF Network Regions and beyond, ERIAFF Working Group meetings, presentations of European projects and best practices, and study visits. The RUMORE project was one of several projects presented during the first day of the conference.

More information about the ERIAFF Network and the 8th ERIAFF Annual Conference 2022 can be found on their respective webpages:

- ERIAFF Network:

- ERIAFF Annual Conference:

In conjunction with the ERIAFF 2022 Network Annual Conference, activities related to the RUMORE project also took place, namely the 4th RUMORE Partner Meeting in the extension phase and a Living Lab on the traceability tool (blockchain) developed within the pilot action of RUMORE project in the Region of Central Macedonia.

The working meeting focused on the developments and status of policy improvements and urban-rural cooperation in the four partner region, as well as on the promotion of interregional exchanges.

In brief, the presentations and discussions focused on the following topics:

- Developments and reactions from policy instrument owners to address the Covid-19 crisis

- Progress updates on policy improvements

- Influences on each regional policy improvement by other partner regions

- Next steps for the policy improvements

- Challenges for policy improvements and opportunities for further interregional exchanges.

Even after the Thessaloniki meetings, ongoing cooperation in the RUMORE project will continue to focus on changes in urban-rural cooperation with a focus on regional food chains, as well as on mitigation measures and financing to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Local experiences are included in the work with regional stakeholders to improve the policy instruments addressed in the four RUMORE partner regions.