RUMORE Living Lab supporting the Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy in Central Macedonia region

A Living Lab for testing Digital tools supporting Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) was organized by RDFCM as part of two separated activities on 7th and 11th October 2022.

The overall aim of both activities was the verification and validation of the digital platform, a digital tool developed in the context of the implementation of the Regional Strategy of innovation of the Region of Central Macedonia. The activities, one physical and the other carried in an online format, had different target groups, respectively students of the University of Macedonia and the RUMORE project partners.

During the events, representatives of the external expert of RDFCM presented the framework and more specifically, the Regional Strategy of innovation of the Region of Central Macedonia. Afterwards, the participants had the chance to test the platform by registering to the platform, uploading a trend on the system and rating the uploaded trends. A questionnaire was developed as part of the Living Lab, and a discussion followed in regard to the use of such digital tools in the agrifood sector in RCM, recommendations about the platform and its usage and comments and suggestions for its improvement.

Overall, the majority of the participants were very satisfied by the proposed application and their overall experience with the application testing was very positive. Also, participants found that the platform is a useful tool for Policy makers, SMEs and Researchers. Nevertheless, some suggestions for improvements in relation to structure and interface of the platform were made, and these will be considered for the optimization of the tested platform itself.