In mid-May the Monitoring Committee of the Interreg Europe Programme officially approved the pilot action request posed from the Region of Central Macedonia. After months of preparatory work, the action is ready to test the plan for the development of a Digital Innovation Hub in the Agri-Food sector, through a field research and a digital application in the rice value chain.

The partner organisation “Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia On Behalf Of The Region Of Central Macedonia (RDFCM) will coordinate the pilot action and the development of the strategic roadmap to setup a new Digital Innovation Hub policy tool in the region. RDFCM will ensure the build-up of expertise and competencies in the regional authority to use them in the later scale-up phase of the rolled-out policy. Particular interregional inspiration was coming from good practices experienced in the Lombardy Region.

To implement and pilot the ambitious action, two new partner organisations will enter the RUMORE partnership:
1.    The “Centre for Research and Technology Hellas” (CERTH) will develop technology and provide knowledge and research activities in DNA traceability and blockchain application. It will feed in expertise in all activities focusing on how these innovations could add value to a certain value chain and thus make a new Digital Innovation Hub sustainable in the future.
2.    The “Hellenic Agricultural Organization” (DEMETER) will develop and conduct field research, such as mapping stakeholders (along the rice value chain), developing questionnaires, interviews, and gathering data for activities: Strategic roadmap, implementing a new traceability blockchain application etc.

The Interreg Europe Programme has approved 128.675 Euro for this pilot action.

We congratulate all three organisations to the success, welcome CERTH and DEMETER and wish good luck for the implementation of the pilot action!
Picture by Sergei Akulich/Pexels