Our project is one of the five Interreg Europe projects that have been nominated for the RegioStars 2020 awards, which is an annual competition organised by the European Commission’s DG Regio. This year, there are five categories: 

  1. Smart growth - Industrial transition for a Smart Europe 
  2. Sustainable growth - Circular economy for a green Europe 
  3. Inclusive growth - Skills & Education for a digital Europe
  4. Urban development - Citizens engagement for cohesive European cities 
  5. Topic of the year 2020: 30 Years of Interreg - Youth empowerment for cooperation across borders 

S34Growth competes under the category Industrial transition for a Smart Europe. You can give your vote for S34Growth or another successful project online. The winners will be announced during the European Week of Regions and Cities in October 2020.

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