The final end event of the S3Chem project extension on 13 September 2022  and 14. September 2022 marks the end of project extension phase, as well as of the entire project. Stakeholders, project partners and the EuropeanChemicalRegionsNetwork will showcase the power of chemicals in the smart specialization strategies of all seven regions and discuss the impact of the Covid19 crisis on the innovation environment especially in the chemical industry.


13 September – Tuesday
16:30 Welcome

        Representative of Catalonia – ACCIÓ (TBC) 

        “Chemical Sector in Catalonia”. Dr. Ma. Dolors Núñez. Team Leader for Analysis and Detection of         Technological Opportunities. ACCIÓ

        Ms. Núria Blasco, Managing Director, TEPSA-RT, and President of the Logistics and Port Activities         Commission of the AEQT

17:30 – 18:30 Maritime visit to the Port of Tarragona

        Mr. Jordi Anglès. Port de Tarragona

        Visit the facilities of the port and the chemical pole from a boat. Explanation of activities and         projects. (Petrochemical pole, Chemical Hub, Tarragona Port)

14 September – Wednesday

Chemical Regions Point of view

    Panel with the participation of representatives from Agencies or Regional Bodies,     Industry, Academia or Research from the different regions.

        Asturias, Ms Paz Palacio, Technical Advisor of the Competitiveness and Innovation Area of IDEPA

        Catalonia: Dr. Fernando Bravo, Unit Manager. CSOL - Catalyst Selection and         Optimization Laboratory. Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ))

        Limburg: Prof. Dr. Maarten Honing, Maastricht University

        Lombardy: Mrs Ilaria Re and Mrs Sara Daniotti. Lombardy Green Chemistry Association.

        Mazovia: Ms. Sylwia Sztark, Department of Regional Development and European Funds. The         Office of the Marshal of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in Warsaw

        Saxony-Anhalt: Dr. André Mangelsdorf. Foreign trade, European affairs, development cooperation.         Ministry of Economy, Tourism, Agriculture and Forestry           

        Moderator: Mr. Folco Ciulli Executive Director ECRN

10:15 Joint Analysis Post-Covid impact in Chemical Sector

        Mr. Dirk Plees, Senior policy advisor internationalisation. Account European and Euregional         Cooperation & Account Interreg Europe. Province of Limburg.

10:45 Interreg Europe S3chem project summary: Results and main outcomes

        Dr. André Mangelsdorf, Saxony-Anhalt. S3chem Project Leader

11:00 Coffee break

11:30 Chemistry hot topics (I)

    Moderator: Ms. Irene Puntí, Business Development Manager Circular & Bio economy. LEITAT

    o Bio-based materials and processes Bio-based materials and processes

            ▪ “Lignin Valorization in Biorefineries” Dr. Diego Morillo, Area Manager in Functional Materials             and Processing. Department of Applied Chemistry and Materials of Leitat Technology Center             LEITAT

            ▪ “Biomaterials for packaging and food “, Prof. Sergio Collado. TBR. University of Oviedo.             Associate to the Chemical and Process Industry of Asturias

            ▪ “Algae as a basic material”. Dr. Peter Bergmann from Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

             “Conversion of lignin to bio-compounds”. Dr. Kerstin Tiehle from Fraunhofer Center for             Chemical-Biotechnological Processes (CBP)

12:30 Chemistry hot topics (II)

    Moderator: Javier Adrián. Team Leader of the European Projects Office. ACCIO

    o Chemical recycling

        ▪ “Design, Synthesis and Recycling of Circular Biopolymers” Prof. Arjan W. Kleij, ICIQ Group
        Leader & ICREA Professor.

        ▪ “From recycling to sustainability in the chemical industry”, Prof. Paula Oulego TBR. University of         Oviedo Associate to the Chemical and Process Industry of Asturias

        ▪ “Chemical recycling as a part of the sustainable development of the chemical industry - based on the         ORLEN Group strategy and activity” , Dr. Joanna Będkowska, Vice President of the Board,         Płock Industrial and Technological Park.

    o Capture, storage, and reuse of CO2

        ▪ “CO2 capture technologies: current trends and future challenges”. Prof. JR Galan, ICIQ Group         Leader & ICREA Professor (co-founder of Orchestra Scientific S.L.)

    o Chemistry 4.0

        ▪ Chemelot Circular Hub and Brightsite” Mr. Edwin Zijlstra, Senior Policy Officer at Province of         Limburg

13:50 European Programmes for Research and Innovation in Chemicals

    Ms. Jennifer Ruiz, Senior Consultant for EU R+D+I Programs. ACCIÓ

14:00 Lunch – Cocktail

15:00 Visit ICIQ facilities

    Dr. Laura Hernández, ICIQ

16:30 End of the meeting