On July 13, an online meeting organized by the Andalusian Energy Agency collaborated with the Andalusian Institute of Domotics and Energy Efficiency. Many representatives of the administration, university campuses and user associations were present and they were updated on the progress of the S3 Unica European Project financed by the Interreg Europe Cooperation Program of the European Commission.

During this last semester, the partners were informed of the progress of the project, including the new Good Practices of the Project, where new Andalusian Practices that were presented by the Andalusian Energy Agency stand out, such as the installation of photovoltaic solar energy and measures of energy efficiency in the Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineering of the University of Malaga, the Energy Efficiency Action Plan on the campus of the University of Granada, or the Smart Malaga Project of the Malaga City Council.

During the meeting, the Andalusian Institute of Home Automation and Energy Efficiency presented the updated version of the Self-Assessment Tool aimed at the comprehensive measurement of consumption on university campuses.

The day included:

  • A round table presentation of the Andalusian universities.
  • The public institutions of the Junta de Andalucía.
  • Representation of the Association of Consumers and Users.

During the project, the activities planned for the coming months were also presented with special attention to the Common Methodology for the preparation of a Regional Action Plan for Andalusia.

The Andalusian Energy Agency is the coordinator in Andalusia for the actions of the Project. The Andalusian Energy Agency explained how the S3UNICA project is related to the new S4 Strategy in Andalusia, and the relationship with the new Energy Policies of the European Commission, which have an impact since the Project is using a European methodology for collective impact meters to all university campuses.

In addition, the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development illustrated the formulation of the Smart Specialization Strategy in Sustainability in Andalusia, which was approved by all the attendees. 

In this same session, the Andalusian Agency for Innovation and Development presented the novelties of the Horizon Program, which has a budget of more than 100,000 million euros for 7 years, as well as the possibilities of collaboration in the matter of Public Procurement of Innovation (CPI) through the acquisition of innovative solutions or solutions under development by public entities.

New ideas for best practices from Andalusian Universities were also presented during the work session.

Andalusian project partners and stakeholders will meet next September again to discuss the financing of innovative projects on Andalusian university campuses. Moreover, this meeting aims to share strategies to address the draft Action Plan of the Project that will be prepared in the coming months, including innovative actions by the project partners.