Many experts from the Andalusian Energy Agency illustrated to the audience the opportunities and benefits that the MOVES III program (20/09/2021 - 31/12/2023 with a budget of 71 million euros) could represent for the university campuses. The MOVES III program deals with sustainable vehicles (including electric vehicles, plug-in vehicles, fuel cell vehicles) and charging points. The incentive program includes the project, civil works, engineering, wiring and its installation, and the charging point itself. More info are available here.

Then, the discussion focused on the Energy Audit Framework Contract Agreement, that promotes the improvement of energy efficiency and increases the degree of self-consumption in the buildings of the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities. This is part of the REDEJA Energy Network, that will allow the audit of up to 1,287 public buildings of the Junta de Andalucía. This project is an important improvement for the Analusian reality, since it simplifies and streamlines the procedures for contracting while standardizing the quality of energy audits and making better use of budget availabilities, since the Homologation Framework Agreement achieves price savings and greater efficiency in time and procedure management.

During the working session, the Andalusian Energy Agency presented the Database of the 10 Best Practices developed during the last months in the Project, including the "Near Zero Energy Buildings Solar House" carried out by the partner of Romania or the "Muliti Energy System ATON" to reduce primary energy energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the municipality of Udine. During the meeting, the Structure and possible types of measures of the Andalusian Regional Action Plan were also presented.

The Andalusian Institute of Home Automation and Energy Efficiency of the University of Malaga is also part of the Project, and explained that they are collaborating in the development of energy communities and which explained how all supplies can be powered from a transformation center within 500 meters.

The experts agreed with the interest in continuing to work on the measures that may be of interest to the Project's Action Plan in Andalusia. "Thanks to the project" stated the delegates of Andalusian S3UNICA project partners "we have had the opportunity to form a working group between Andalusian universities and other stakeholders with whom to share common interests and within the framework of the S3Unica Project a permanent forum has been created to deal with current issues such as incentives or the Energy Audit Framework Contract".