The S3Unica team has a joint workshop with City of Lappeenranta in early May 2023. Main goal of the event was to involve sector specialists in planning the future activities regarding real estate energy efficiency improvement.

Greenreality Network is a regional network of public and private partners involved in energy and environment sectors. The network is originated and driven with an interest to serve local companies that develop new business solutions. The public sector is actively involved as well. The City of Lappeenranta has been coordinating the network activities since its establishment. Greenreality Network has a subdivision for real estate related organisations, and they hold meetings 2-3 times a year. The coordinator of the group is Mr Matti Pylkkö who is also active in international projects relating to greenreality, specifically buildings.

Regional Council of South Karelia, Laura Peuhkuri provided insight into the potential offered by National Operating Program for ERDF funding. In South Karelia there is potential in joint RDI activities between real estate owners, real estate users and the research and development sector. The regional Action Plan is specifically addressing the programme thematic of RDI (Specific Objective 1.1.) and Energy Efficiency (Specific Objective 2.1).

In the workshop part of the event the participants were challenged to voice their expectations and development needs for advancing real estate energy efficiency. The regional ERDF funding available in South Karelia is focused on RDI related activities supporting the local smart specialisation. Recently also national ERDF calls have been launched in which there are specific offerings for real estate energy efficiency related issues supporting national climate goals. Participants were also encouraged to take advantage of those available calls.

Outcomings of the workshops will be taken to the funding authorities as feedback for planning future calls.