The Burgenlandkreis (Germany) organised the regional competition „Our village has a future!” in October 2021. During this month-long event, 22 villages presented themselves to a jury to showcase their creative ideas to make life and work in rural areas more attractive.

The initiative was supported financially by the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, the Sparkasse Burgenlandkreis, and the rural development company Finneplan Einecke. During a great event to close the competition, representatives from all villages came together to network, communicate and celebrate. Here we could present the “Think Tank Burgenlandkreis”, in which we aim to connect as many villages, companies and administrations as possible. This initiative will take off in 2022.

The jury of the competition was able to witness many creative ideas. They were especially impressed by the diversity and unity of the many village organisations, as well as the inclusion of the youngest inhabitants in the decision making processes, for example by declaring a youth mayor.

The SARURE Project allows us to connect even more villages and their resourceful residents, for example in the “Hand-Made Saale-Unstrut” brand. In this way, it will be possible to improve the visibility of our direct marketers even more.

The Think Tank received a public launch during the “Our village has a future!” celebration event in the rural Burgenlandkreis