About 1,500 entrepreneurs participate in DIAPE ’21 in Murcia. Second day focused on scaling companies

For two days, about 1.500 entrepreneurs attended, online and in person, the various sessions offered by the Instituto de Fomento (INFO Murcia) within the framework of the Entrepreneur Day 2021 (Diape '21), where a clear trend towards business projects focused on digital transformation.

The second day of the event was an action of the SCALE UP project in the framework of the EU INTERREG program. Two conferences were organized for the second day. The program included a networking café which provided the first opportunity for regional actors to meet in person after the restrictions caused by the pandemic.

This day of the DIAPE’21 focused on scaling companies, digitalization, market trends and the new paradigm in a more globalized world. The speakers provided their vision for products and services development, relationship with the customers as well as organizational models and culture. Through these tools, organizations can adapt better to what the market and society are demanding, identify and take advantage of opportunities for business.

120 attendees from public administrations, entrepreneurs, Universities, European enterprises centres, technological centres, associations of entrepreneurs, local development agents, and others met together and exchanged.

The objective of DIAPE, which has reached its 15th edition, is to make visible, recognize and continue to promote the entrepreneurial initiative as an engine of economic development in any corner of the Region, to generate innovation and promote the creation of quality employment for social and territorial cohesion.

The annual event constitutes a unique space for meetings between entrepreneurs, businessmen and organizations related to the business ecosystem of the Region of Murcia, which encourages the exchange of experiences and knowledge through various presentations and activities to stimulate creativity and the search for new business and professional opportunities.

The Day of the Enterprising Person (DIAPE) is a singular action framed as a singular action within the Strategy C(i*EMP) for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and scientific and technological vocations in the Region of Murcia 2018-2021, of which 81.6 million budgeted for the years already closed in 2018 and 2019, have been fully executed.

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