Scope of the Conference

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On 1 December 2021, the Interreg Scale up Project provided a platform for managing authorities, regional development practitioners, and other relevant stakeholders to discuss online the current support measures provided to SMEs on their path to scaling up along with opportunities targeting their growth and recovery from the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Almost a year later and with the bright outlook on the recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, the project will now revisit the current state of SMEs in the EU and in partner regions to give insights as to the path SMEs are on taking into account the green and digital “twin transition”. With challenges such as limited resources (financial and human), operation in economic or geographic niches and uncertainties about the feasibility of adopting sustainable technologies and the policy environment, the conference will now provide a space for an exchange of ideas and best practices in order to continue supporting the growth and development of European SMEs.

The Scale Up Project

The Interreg SCALE UP project plans to improve policy instruments supporting SMEs capacity to growth in national and international markets. The project’s main objective is to contribute to European competitiveness and accelerate regional economic growth through the improvement of 6 policy instruments linked to business growth and robustness. SCALE UP represents six EU regions (plus an Advisory partner) with different stages of development in terms of industry SME scale ups but having common needs.

The following scale-up key areas have been identified to work in the project: New business collaborative models; Improving the collaborative culture between science, technology, innovation & industrial companies; Regional smart specialisation sectors in the form of partnerships/networks/clusters; Use & adaptation to new technologies and Tools to access finance.